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Founding and early years

The activities of Garolla Group started in 1870.
The main activities of the firm were the import of coal and the bunker supply for ships, that at that time, were equipped with steam engines.
To carry out the activity the Company employed coal-carrier ships, that carried coal from UK and, locally, in the port of Naples a large number of barges, towed by tugs.
In 1927 they bought their first tanker a 3500 TDW tanker, for long time employed for oil transportation to and from the Black Sea.

The 50's years growth and development

From the 50's onwards the Company continued the activity in the 1000-6000 TDW range tankers, for the transportation of oil products and
chartered to majors such as EXXON - SHELL - AGIP - B.P. etc. and developed the bunker supply activity in some Italian ports. In the meantime the activity of bunker supply in the port of Naples changed from coal to fuel oil and therefore was developed by using new small tankers, barges and tugs.

1996 to Present - The Group

In 1996 the Group entered in the offshore support business with the acquisition of two anchor handling tug supply vessels with its Company Vigliena that in 2004 become - MED OFFSHORE.
Sarda Bunkers owns and manages tankers used for bunkering operations and transportation of oil products. The company has the license for bunkering in the ports of Naples, Salerno and other minor ports of the Campania region for more than 60 years.
The company carries out also activity of slop and sludges removal from the vessels in the port of Naples.



Head Office
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Med Offshore spa

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Navco srl

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